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Our 2017 Instructors

Helping kids learn!

Our 2017 Instructors

Helping kids learn!

Meet Our 2017 Instructors

Meet Our 2017 Instructors

Wendy Cai

Emory University
BA Economics and BS Quantitative Social Science (Dec 2018)

As an economics major, I am beyond excited to bring along and share all that I have learned into this program. I believe this will be an invaluable and rewarding experience to empower and inspire kids at a young age to become financially well-informed. Through this, I hope that not only will I be able to leave with something that I can look back on, but also a solid financial basis that the kids will be able to take along with them in life.

Chandler Johnson

Valdosta State
BBA International Business (May 2018)

I am excited about teaching in Wealthy Habits as I feel like the best investment is investing in our youth. My hopes are that we can teach the students the importance of finances to help save them time and money later on in life. I want to offer an environment that promotes participation, creativity, and fun for all of our students!  

Ashlyn McCain

University of Alabama Birmingham
BS Nursing (May 2020)

Although a nursing major, I have a very realistic view of what’s important in life and a clear understanding of personal finance is at the top of the list. I am very excited to be sharing in the opportunity to teach and mentor students as they search for a path to what is important to them. 

Matthew Mutnick

Tulane University
BA International Relations & Legal Studies(May 2020)

I am a rising second-year student at Tulane University in New Orleans pursuing a dual degree in International Relations & Legal Studies in Business with a minor in Finance. In my spring semester of freshman year, I served as an intern for the US Commercial Service New Orleans agency of the Department of Commerce. I’ve learned that it’s never too early to learn about personal finance and I hope to make a difference in the 2017 Wealthy Habits’ students. 

Yenvy Nguyen Hoang

Georgia State University Honors College
BBA Finance (May 2019)

As a finance major, I am thrilled to be a part of the Wealthy Habits team this summer. Teaching students ways to be financially smart and to be a part of their journey towards financial success is something that excites me. I am also looking forward to working with the other instructors and learning from them as well. This will be a great summer.


Sohil Shyamsundar

University of Georgia – Terry College of Business
BBA Finance  (May 2019)

I’m thrilled to be an instructor for Wealthy Habits, because personal finance education is not given the importance it truly deserves. I want to teach students the fundamentals of setting budgetary goals and reaching financial independence. I look forward to working with instructors and students to create a quality learning environment this summer. 

Minh Bui

Mercer University
BBA in Finance (May 2019)

As a finance major about to start my junior year, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to teach kids about a subject I am passionate about. Understanding personal finance is so important and yet so many adults know little about it. My interest in finance started when I was young, and I am excited to educate kids this summer to spark of little of that passion in each of my students. 

Andrew Gottlieb

University of Georgia
BBA in Finance (May 2018)

I am currently a rising senior at UGA studying the major of finance. I am excited about teaching students through the Wealthy Habits program and raising the students’ enthusiasm about how to manage their money. I am looking forward to engaging my summer students in creative ways while expanding their present knowledge for the future.

Amogh Phadke

University of Georgia
BS in Computer Science (May 2020)

I am excited about this opportunity to be an instructor for the Wealthy Habits program this summer. Personal finance is a subject that everyone must learn in order to have a successful future, and my goal is to help today’s youth learn as much as possible. As a computer science major, I am very interested in investing and making your money work for you. I’m looking forward to a great summer of helping students realize the importance of finance in a fun, creative manner.

Tyler McCain

Georgia State University
BA in Finance (May 2019)

My passion for finance has been fueled through volunteering with Wealthy Habits since the age of 15. I started as an instructor during my Freshman year at GSU. My favorite part about teaching the Wealthy Habits programs is watching the kids light up with curiosity about things they hadn’t heard of before.

Colin O’Leary

University of Georgia
BBA in Accounting (2016)
MAcc Audit Systems (2018)

A student in the Master of Accountancy program at UGA, I have always enjoyed teaching and I appreciate the opportunity to teach financial literacy. The main point I try to drive home with the kids is that not all of them will be accounting or finance majors, however, they still must understand at least the basics of taxes, investing, stocks, and all the activities that go along with living in the world we inhabit.

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Wealthy Habits gives kids the essential financial education so many are missing.

Mike Davis, Mayor of Dunwoody

Class was amazing!

I feel lucky that my daughter could participate!

Karen Dobkin

My children loved the class!

The instructor was very engaging. They are looking forward to the next class!

Joaqui, June 2015

Thanks for the knowledge!

I know that I will use this in the future.
I definitely looking forward to the next class and to learn more.

Alana, May 2015

My kids LOVED it…

My kids just LOVED this class and are asking
if they can come back for more.
My son spends time each day watching stock market reports.

Maudeline Linsey

Yes, would highly recommend!

It taught me many new things about finance and managing my money.

Mehan, April 2015

Smiling ear to ear…

My daughter and her friend really enjoyed the program!
Teens don’t get excited about much, but they were smiling
from ear to ear when I picked them up.
Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Sheila Cannon