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Instructor Training

Instructor Training

College Intern Instructors

College Intern Instructors

College Interns are recruited over a four-month period and only qualified and motivated candidates are selected for instructor training. We screen for motivated students that are excited to make a difference in the next generation’s personal finance outlook. College students majoring in a business-related field or a strong interest in personal finance apply for the summer internship beginning in January. Of the 300+ applicants, we select the top 10 based on their motivation, history of success, GPA, communication skills and knowledge of personal finance. This assures we have instructors that are great role-models and enthusiastic mentors.

Before instructors are put in front of a group of students, they undergo a background check and 35 hours of instructional training by the organization with the assistance of the previous year’s instructors. Still not ready to go solo, the instructors are observed as they co-facilitate their first program. After a debriefing session that involves a great deal of constructive criticism, instructors are ready to instruct without assistance.

The internship, while paid, isn’t a job. It is an opportunity for the college student to make a difference in the lives of their students as well as to grow and mature as an individual. Instructors develop their skills in areas such as public speaking, conflict resolution, motivational skills and so much more. This is a great opportunity that is like no other.

I worked with Wealthy Habits over the summer because I believe in the importance of personal finance education, and I support the program’s commitment to interactive learning. What I did not expect from my experience at Wealthy Habits was how much the staff and the program would push me to grow as an instructor and a person. Instructing at Wealthy Habits was a rewarding and challenging experience that fundamentally changed the way I will approach education in the future.

Michael McBane

History & Economics , Emory University

My experience as a Wealth Habits instructor has prepared me for the professional world in ways school never taught me. Teaching financial literacy to middle and high school students has equipped me with the tools and knowledge that will assist me in my future career path. Not only was this experience fun, but I learned a great deal about teaching the subject and mentoring others.

Kayla Whitaker

Family & Consumer Science, University of Georgia

Student Volunteer Instructors

Student Volunteer Instructors

These student volunteers are past Wealthy Habits students that showed great interest in the subject of personal finance and teaching. Students apply and participate in the same training process as the college interns. These student instructors are expected to instruct modules under the close supervision of the instructors.

These student volunteers have a great opportunity to learn skills that can’t be taught in a book.  This valuable opportunity will provide the student with the confidence to present to a room of their peers as well as giving them a solid understanding of the financial literacy curriculum.


  • High school junior or senior preferred but exceptions can be made
  • Summer availability of at least three weeks
  • Participation in a scheduled training session
  • Energetic and willingness to engage students
  • Strong work ethic and ability to get along with others

Instructing classes through Wealthy Habits has been tremendously beneficial.  I have improved my ability to engage a group of students and begun to learn the art of teaching others, all while sharing these critical skills. My self-confidence and leadership skills have grown with the completion of each class, and I look forward to continuing in the years to come. 

Darden Braun

Age 15

"Volunteering for Wealthy Habits has been and continues to be, a phenomenal experience. Wealthy Habits feels like a close family, and the supervisors and fellow instructors are never too busy to help. Furthermore, it provides work experience which is vital for obtaining a job/internship. I enjoy teaching financial literacy to the students because I know the impact having these tools will make on them as they move through adulthood and on. Volunteering for Wealthy Habits is a fun, beneficial experience that truly has had an impact on me."

Chase Jeter

Age 14