Instructor Internships

Give Back and Grow!

This internship provides undergraduates and graduate students with a great opportunity to learn skills that can’t be taught in a classroom. Not only will you build the confidence necessary to lead and present material, but you will develop a greater understanding of managing your own personal finances.

You will grow and mature while making a difference in the next generation.

Internship Details:

At Wealthy Habits, our intern instructors are just as important to us as the students we teach.



Interns are provided with the following:

  • Curriculum training
  • Instructional materials
  • Personal skills development in a work setting
  • 100+ hours of working independently with other interns
  • Future references as requested
  • Assistance with resume building as requested
  • Chance to expand your network with finance professionals

We will select only the top students based on their motivation, history of success, GPA, communication skills and knowledge of personal finance. This assures we have instructors that are great role models and enthusiastic mentors for the Wealthy Habits students.


  • Pursuing a degree in Finance, Economics, or other business-related fields
  • Have a GPA of at least a 3.2
  • Pass a complete background check (with NO infractions)
  • Availability for session applying for
  • Ability to travel to various program locations in the Metro-Atlanta area as necessary
  • Ability to work on location at our Dunwoody offices for virtual programs
  • Excited to give back to the community while open to self-improvement

Our past instructors have commented that they’ve gained much more than they expected from the internship. In addition to making financial education accessible and available to youth, we also focus on developing our instructors’ personal skills to build a path for future finance leaders.



To apply, please fill out the form below and upload your resume and cover letter.

What was your biggest learn with regard to personal finance?

While majoring in Finance, I’ve learned about managing money, investing, and financial analysis in a numerical and essentially abstract method. Teaching the Wealthy Habits curriculum made money personal and taught me that every dollar counts. Additionally, I was surprised by how little I knew about insurance and the workings of credit cards.

Hailey Alf

University of Georgia

How do you feel you have grown from the internship?

Improving my public speaking BIG TIME!!! (even though I took A LOT away from this internship).In the beginning, I was very nervous (especially during the first week of training lol) and throughout the weeks, I definitely gained more confidence and feel WAY more comfortable teaching a subject I love!!! I love this summer so much!

Asia Pollitt

Georgia Tech

What was your biggest learn from the internship?

I loved the opportunity to work with so many new people and personalities. I came in to the program knowing that I was going to teach Wealthy Habits but didn’t realize just how much I would also learn along the way. Not only have I had a hand in securing kids’ financial futures, but I’ve also improved my own leadership and management skills. It was definitely an awesome summer experience!

Lauretta Zhao

Georgia Tech

What was your biggest learn with regard to personal finance?

It’s in the name of the camp: habits. I learned that fostering habits, sculpting priorities, and developing the proper mindset is much easier when large long-term goals (i.e retirement, career) are divided into smaller, more digestible plans. Personal finance can seem daunting and complicated, especially when you’re first dealing with it, because of how distant the finish line is. Here, I learned about the present. As young people, we have so much time on our hands to explore and take risks, which is really motivating. We have the opportunity to set up our habits today.

Donn Boddie

University of Pennsylvania – Wharton Business School

What was your biggest take-away from the internship?

There was a lot but I think the biggest one is learning to work with people with different personalities. Not that I haven’t worked with other people before, I seldom had a chance to work so closely with multiple people for an extended time. It was a great learning experience in terms of both how to learn about others and how to approach them. It also pushed me to think about myself and how I would come across to other people.

Andrew Youn

University of Notre Dame

How do you feel you have grown from the internship?

I have improved on my abilities to speak in front of groups. I’m less shy when meeting people for the first time. Also, I’ve learned a LOT about personal finance within the last two months.

Matthew Mutnick

Tulane University

What was your biggest learn from the internship?

This experience taught me just how much financial literacy benefits children like our campers. Also, through teaching others to think the way we do at Wealthy Habits, I changed my own way of thinking about life and money in ways that will benefit me for years to come.

Matthew Bieber

University of Georgia

What would tell future candidates about the internship?

This is a great experience. You learn a lot about yourself and how to work with others. Not everyone is easy to work with, especially when your personalities are quite opposite, but you find a way to make it work!

Alexis Ulrich

Juniata College

What was your biggest learn from the internship?

I think the personal knowledge that I gained from the curriculum as well as some of the project based thinking was my biggest takeaway. Being able to explain stuff is the a great way to learn something and obviously I’ve explained a ton of stuff to a lot of different kids.

Charlie Bennedict

Wake Forest University