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Wealthy Habits Instructors

Helping Kids Learn!

Meet Our 2019 Financial Literacy Instructors

Alexis Ulrich

Juniata College
B.S. in Accounting
(May 2020)

After starting out in Biology, I switched my major to accounting, where I have enjoyed learning about the different aspects of business.  I believe that having a strong understanding of personal finance is an essential skill for success in the future.  I am excited and ready to intern with Wealthy Habits this summer to increase my financial literacy as well as help those in the community.  My goal is to create a fun and engaging classroom environment and make sure each student leaves with more knowledge about finance. 

Brianna Smith

Georgia State University
B.S. in Economics and Public Policy
(May 2021)

As a second-year economics student at Georgia State University, I’m excited to intern with Wealthy Habits this summer. At a young age, I recognized the importance of personal finance and that is when I developed an interest in the subject. I believe this will be a rewarding opportunity to empower kids and prepare them for their futures. My goal is to show them that personal finance is both interesting and important. I’m ready to make a difference with this organization!

Michael Carman

University of North Carolina Wilmington
B.S. in Finance
(May 2020)

I’m learning to love finance as I go through my studies and hope to inspire others in the same way my teachers have for me. I’m interested in Equity Research, Investment Banking and Financial Consulting. I’ve always enjoyed teaching and hope to one day be able to stand in front of college students as their professor. Learning to manage your own personal finances is an important skill to have in order to take advantage of the world in front of you and I’m excited to have the opportunity to share that with young people.

Julian Smith

University of Georgia
B.S. in Economics
(May 2021)

I am a current sophomore Economics major at UGA. I am extremely excited for the opportunity Wealthy Habits has given me to impact my community’s younger generation. Since high school, I have been interested and involved in teaching. I look forward to utilizing my personal finance skills and knowledge of economic theory and history to benefit students this summer. In addition to teaching, I’m excited to learn more about personal finance and smart economic decision-making.

Yakira Yeje

Georgia Gwinnett College
B.S. in Finance
(May 2019)

After developing my skills as an educator through tutoring and teaching at a daycare for many years, I am excited to be the best teacher I can be for these kids. I can’t wait to meet new students and help them find finance to be an exciting and useful subject! I believe that my students will leave with a thirst for learning new things, especially about personal finance. I hope that, with my degree in finance and experience as an educator, I can help pave the way to success and growth for my students.

Juliana Guevara

University of Georgia
B.S. in Management Information Systems and Int’l Business
(May 2021)

After growing up in Roswell, Georgia, I decided to pursue a degree in Management Information Systems and International Business. Currently, I am a rising junior at the University of Georgia. I’ve spent my past summers and free time in college as a summer camp counselor and tutoring kids, so I love kids! I’m excited to spend my summer teaching the importance and foundations of personal finance in a super fun yet educating way.

Benjamin Noble

University of Georgia
B.S. in Finance
(May 2021)

As a second-year finance student, I’ve found plenty of inspiration within the classroom to fuel my passions. However, my involvement within the community has shown me that a large part of the socioeconomic instability is due to a lack of financial literacy. I am excited to be involved with Wealthy Habits in providing the next generation with the fundamental tools of financial knowledge necessary to be responsible and upwardly mobile in their future opportunities.

How We Recruit and Train Our Financial Literacy Instructors

College Interns are recruited over a four-month period. We screen for motivated students that are excited to make a difference in the next generation’s personal finance outlook. College students majoring in a business-related field or a strong interest in personal finance apply for the summer internship beginning in January. Of the 300+ applicants, we select the top students based on their motivation, history of success, GPA, communication skills and knowledge of personal finance. This assures we have instructors that are great role-models and enthusiastic mentors for the Wealthy Habits students.

Before instructors are put in front of a group of students, they undergo a background check and 35 hours of instructional training by the organization. Still not ready to go solo, the instructors are observed as they co-facilitate their first program. After a debriefing session that involves a great deal of constructive criticism, instructors are ready to instruct without assistance.

The internship, while paid, isn’t a job. It is an opportunity for the college student to make a difference in the lives of their students as well as to grow and mature as an individual. Our financial literacy Instructors develop their skills in areas such as public speaking, conflict resolution, motivational skills and so much more. This is a great opportunity that is like no other.

Wealthy Habits gives kids the essential financial education so many are missing.

Mike Davis, Mayor of Dunwoody

Class was amazing!

I feel lucky that my daughter could participate!

Karen Dobkin

My children loved the class!

The instructor was very engaging. They are looking forward to the next class!

Joaqui, June 2015

Thanks for the knowledge!

I know that I will use this in the future.
I definitely looking forward to the next class and to learn more.

Alana, May 2015

My kids LOVED it…

My kids just LOVED this class and are asking
if they can come back for more.
My son spends time each day watching stock market reports.

Maudeline Linsey

Yes, would highly recommend!

It taught me many new things about finance and managing my money.

Mehan, April 2015

Smiling ear to ear…

My daughter and her friend really enjoyed the program!
Teens don’t get excited about much, but they were smiling
from ear to ear when I picked them up.
Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Sheila Cannon