Help Us Give Thanks to Our Healthcare Workers


On April 9th the nation’s landmarks lit up in blue to honor and support essential workers risking their health during the coronavirus pandemic.

GA Gives Day

One May 5th the state of Georgia will participate in an initiative to focus giving to those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Wealthy Habits Initiative

Wealthy Habits wants to help those that have put their lives on the line for the rest of us.

These individuals are not only dealing with their patients and their patients’ families, but they are also going home to their own families that are developing a severe case of cabin fever. To say THANK YOU, Wealthy Habits is giving these special individuals a spot in one of our summer programs for their child at no cost.


ONE FOR ONE: Register your child for our summer camp and for every program/camp dollar we receive during the month of May, Wealthy Habits will provide a dollar towards the cost of a summer program for a Healthcare Worker’s child.

ONE FOR TWO: Donate during the month of May. For every dollar donated to the organization during the month of May, Wealthy Habits will provide two dollars towards the cost of a summer program for a Healthcare Worker’s child.


Become a Recipient


Register your Child

One for One

GA Gives Day Donation

One for Two

If you are currently working on the frontlines and have a child 11 and up, use the link below to sign up to receive a free summer program. Limited to the first 50 requests.

Register your child for a summer program during the month of MAY and we will provide that same to a Healthcare worker’s child.

For every dollar donated during the month of May, we will match the amount and use it to provide summer programs to children of our healthcare workers.

Why What We Do Is Important

Financial education has the potential to shape the future of the youth. When people make more informed financial decisions, they live more enriched lives.

At Wealthy Habits, we focus on changing mindsets. When you introduce financial skills without providing a sufficient “why,” the education falls flat. By engaging students in a way that makes the lesson relevant to their own lives, we make a difference.

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