Meet the Wealthy Habits Team

We couldn’t ask for a more passionate and dedicated group of individuals. 

We are also very appreciative of our Board of Trustees and the support of our donors and sponsors.

Jonathan Rosen

Managing Trustee

Not part of the actual paid staff but an integral part of the team, I formed the non-profit that funds the Wealthy Habits programs in 2009. I have always realized the need for financial literacy and believe we can make a positive difference in the next generation. As a Trustee, my goal is to provide guidance and assistance to the staff to improve and grow the organization and its programs. 

Tracy Tanner

Executive Director

I have always had the entrepreneurial mindset, building home-based businesses over the years that allowed me to be there for my children when they were younger. Coming aboard in 2011 allowed me to use my skills as an entrepreneur and my experience as a mom to build a great organization allowing me to educate and lead students as well as make an impact on the instructors and staff.

Building the organization from the ground up wasn’t easy by any means, but the lessons I have learned along the way have made both the organization and myself better. I have learned to look at the why and not just see things for what they are. I look forward to growing the organization and learning ways to improve myself along the way.

Sanam Karki

Business Strategy

With an MBA and experience as a Jr. Financial Analyst, I am prepared to assist in growing the organization to reach its full potential. My past experiences of living in Nepal have shown me the importance of being philanthropic. Working as a Business Strategist with the organization allows me to do both.  

Working so closely with the entire team has allowed me to be creative in the way I view the business side of the organization. In an environment where learning and succeeding is the main goal, I have acquired skills outside of my expectations. Whether it is professionalism, communication, team-work, software or simply handling unexpected contingencies, I feel like my role in the team truly matters. 

Yini Luo

Behavioral Specialist

I have joined in the organization with an ambition of making changes on people’s well-beings. Graduated from Emory in 2018 with a degree of MPH specializing in health policy and management, I have developed strong interests in how education can impact on population health. Working as a Behavioral Specialist in Wealthy Habits allows me to observe and analyze teenager’s behavioral health and mental health throughout the program. By initiating intervention policies on teenagers’ behavioral health, we would love to see teenagers walk out of program with a changing mindset and positive behaviors.

Wealthy habit’s mission that empower the next generation has greatly resonated with my goal as a public health person.  I feel honored to work with these wonderful skilled professionals to push our organization further. I can’t wait to see how much positive influence we can bring in to every teen we’ve taught.

Kyna Fitero

Layout and Graphic Design

With a passion for design and a hope to become an instrument for the youth to excel, joining Wealthy Habits in 2016 was one of my best decisions. I graduated with a degree in Media Arts and have been able to use the skills I gained on a number of major Wealthy Habits projects. Additionally, my experience in teaching kids and teenagers has contributed significantly in developing new visuals and concepts for Wealthy Habits.

It gives me immense pleasure to see how the organization has grown over the past few years. I look forward to the continued growth of the organization, with many more children discovering their financial potential, as well as to the further enhancement of my skills, together with the team members

Nikka Sangalang

Business Administration

I started working for a company as a virtual assistant at a young age. As time passed by, I saw myself grow independently. Through the years I was able to learn to manage time wisely, value efforts – whether big or small, and make wise decisions on my own.
Wealthy Habits became my first client when I started to offer my own virtual assistant services. I started from a simple research task, and now work on many projects. Although I work remotely for the organization, I feel as much a part of the team as if I were sitting next to them. I have grown a great deal during my time with Wealthy Habits and am excited about a successful future with the organization.

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