Summer Intern Instructors


Brock Arbeiter

University of Georgia
BBA in Finance  
(May 2021)

I am a rising third-year student at the University of Georgia pursuing a degree in Finance. Throughout my life, I have seen how important building and maintaining a strong foundation of financial habits is in order to succeed. With every step along my academic journey, my passion for business, finance, and ultimately making a difference in the world continues to grow. With several years of experience leading students in a small group setting, I am excited to share my knowledge and passion for finance. My hope is that each and every student I teach will walk away with something they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.


Justin Ahn

Vanderbilt University
Economics and Mathematics
(May 2022)

Having moved around countless times in my life, I realized the importance of financial literacy at an early age and quickly grew passionate about studying business. As a current student studying Economics and Mathematics at Vanderbilt University, I have taken a lot of related courses and discovered that a strong understanding of personal finance is imperative for success in every field. I am very excited to intern with Wealthy Habits and to educate young students about the importance of financial literacy. I hope to also expand upon my own knowledge and leadership skills throughout the internship. I can’t wait to get started!


Isabelle Rousseau

Berry College
Accounting & Finance
(May 2022)

I am a rising junior at Berry College pursing degrees in both accounting and finance, as well as a minor in entrepreneurship. Through working hands-on with children in the Rome community, via my work as a Bonner Scholar and mentoring first year Berry students, I have developed a love for educating youth and young adults. I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm and making personal finance exciting to students, while also impacting their lives and changing the way they think about the world around them.


Charlies Benedict

Wake Forest University
(May 2023)

As a freshman prospective Business Major at Wake Forest University, I have sincere interests in both personal finance and youth mentorship. I firmly believe that all children deserve to have the opportunity to learn about personal finance in a supportive environment in order to establish healthy, lifelong habits. I am prepared and enthusiastic about serving young people who have an intense desire to learn about financial health.


How We Recruit and Train Our Financial Literacy Instructors

College Interns are recruited over a four-month period. We screen for motivated students that are excited to make a difference in the next generation’s personal finance outlook. College students majoring in a business-related field or a strong interest in personal finance apply for the summer internship beginning in January. Of the 300+ applicants, we select the top students based on their motivation, history of success, GPA, communication skills and knowledge of personal finance. This assures we have instructors that are great role-models and enthusiastic mentors for the Wealthy Habits students.

Before instructors are put in front of a group of students, they undergo a background check and 35 hours of instructional training by the organization. Still not ready to go solo, the instructors are observed as they co-facilitate their first program. After a debriefing session that involves a great deal of constructive criticism, instructors are ready to instruct without assistance.

The internship, while paid, isn’t a job. It is an opportunity for the college student to make a difference in the lives of their students as well as to grow and mature as an individual. Our financial literacy Instructors develop their skills in areas such as public speaking, conflict resolution, motivational skills and so much more. This is a great opportunity that is like no other.

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