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Financial Literacy Education for Kids!

What we do

Wealthy Habits is an academic program that was developed to improve the way the next generation manages their money. By using games and competition, students don’t feel intimidated by the topic and instead grasp the concepts with ease and look forward to learning more.

Organized and facilitated by a non-profit 501(c)(3).

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Why we are different

KIDS HAVE ENOUGH SCREEN TIME THESE DAYS!!! We show students their financial potential by introducing them to essential money practices through activites and interactive discussion that they can understand. The money practices, like spend less than you earn, will benefit them now and in the long term. 

Programs Offered by Wealthy Habits

Are you interested in a financial literacy program that is fun and that will actually change the way your child perceives spending and saving?

Wealthy Habits offers a variety of options for STUDENTS and EDUCATORS. We even provide specialized programs for outside GROUPS, ORGANIZATIONS and BUSINESSES. Click the icons below to learn more.

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Give your child a head start to financial freedom by joining us for a summer camp, day program, or workshop.


Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Wealthy Habits curriculum and learn how to implement it into your classroom.


Request a specialized financial literacy program for the members or employees of your organization, business or group.

Our Blog

Read more about how we change thoughts, beliefs and attitudes surrounding personal finance.

Net Worth: Know Your Value

Net Worth: Know Your Value

To get where you want to go, you must first figure out where you presently are. Knowing where you stand will help you better prepare for your future. That is exactly how net worth works in terms of your journey to financial freedom.

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