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Course Lesson List

Lesson 1 - Rule of 72
Lesson 2 - Public Markets
Lesson 3 - Stocks and Bonds
Lesson 4 - How to Start Investing
Lesson 5 - Diversification & Risk

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Introduction to Investing


Ideal learning age is 11-18

Learning online has never been so engaging and fun. The Wealthy Habits self-paced courses are approximately 2-3 hours of interactive videos and fun activities that are sure to keep your student interested.

During this course we will cover the rule of 72, introduction to public markets, stocks, how we start investing as a teen, and risks we should be aware of. As you go through the course, there are 5 lessons. Each lesson will consist of a variety of videos, activities, quizzes, and even signing up for group activities with other students.

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