Wealthy Habits has a camp that both you and your child will love.


General Camp Details

COST:  See Chart Below

TIME:  9am-4pm

DATES: Camp season starts May 26th and ends July 26th

CLASS RATIO:  18 Students with 2 Instructors

WHO:  Students Ages 11-19


EXTENDED CARE AVAILABLE:  7:30am-5:30pm. The cost is $75 for the week (partial options are not available).

Personal Finance Summer Camps

True to the motto, our personal finance summer camps “make finance fun!” Doing away with the traditional and boring methods of teaching, Wealthy Habits teaches students through interactive games and activities.

From varying age groups to the length, location and date of camp, we are sure to have the perfect camp for your child. Check out the chart below for details on the different types of camps.


Ages 11-13, 14-16



  • Wealthy Habits 5-day camps immerse students into all things personal finance. These five day programs cover a wide variety of topics, ensuring your child walks away with a full understanding of each lesson.
  • Five day programs give your child the most time to learn. With ample time to discuss and play, students are able to engage in even more activities, but more importantly, even more fun!

To view the schedule for five-day camps, please click the button below.


Ages 11-13, 14-16, 15+



  • Wealthy Habits 3-day camps are open to all students! These three day programs truly make finance fun for everyone.
  • To ensure your child gets the most out of the program, students are divided by age group. Due to the division, students in this program learn at optimal pace. No child gets left behind in this three-day course.

To view the schedule for three-day camps, please click the button below.


Ages 11-13 and 15+



  • Wealthy Habits 2-day camps were created with your child in mind! These two-day programs work best for students who cannot commit to a full week.
  • Providing a modified version of the Introduction to Wealthy Habits course, we introduce students to the basics of money, as well as those financial topics most relevant to their age group. Don’t worry! This camp is just as fun!

*Please see FAQ for questions about 14 year olds.

To view the schedule for two-day camps, please click the button below.


Ages 11-13, 14-16, 15+



  • Interested in registering your child for an Introduction to Wealthy Habits course, instead? These day-long programs provide students with an introduction to the fundamentals of financial freedom.
  • Though shorter, this program is super fun! With each program modified for the age group, your child will walk away confident in their abilities to manage their current financial decisions and those in the future.

To view the schedule for one-day programs, please click the button below.

Have questions about the Wealthy Habits Summer Camps? Be sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. Otherwise, feel free to use the contact form above to send us an email.

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My favorite part...

…about the program was learning about investing and how to manage my money in a fun way.

Zoey, Feb 2017 

Class was amazing!

I feel lucky that my daughter could participate!

Karen Dobkin

My children loved the class!

The instructor was very engaging. They are looking forward to the next class!

Joaqui, June 2015

Thanks for the knowledge!

I know that I will use this in the future.
I definitely looking forward to the next class and to learn more.

Alana, May 2015

My kids LOVED it…

My kids just LOVED this class and are asking
if they can come back for more.
My son spends time each day watching stock market reports.

Maudeline Linsey

Yes, would highly recommend!

It taught me many new things about finance and managing my money.

Mehan, April 2015

Smiling ear to ear…

My daughter and her friend really enjoyed the program!
Teens don’t get excited about much, but they were smiling
from ear to ear when I picked them up.
Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Sheila Cannon

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