Invite Wealthy Habits to Your School

Invite Wealthy Habits to your school to make a difference in your community. We can visit as a class speaker for a few hours, or even host an entire day-long program for your students! 

Let’s Partner

With over 100,000 kids in the Atlanta area, a small organization can only have a small impact. Currently, we are teaching the importance of making smart financial decisions to less than 1% of the children. However, no child should miss out on this fundamental education.

To make a larger impact, we need you. By becoming a Wealthy Habits partner, you are not only helping us reach more students, but you are ensuring growth and impact in your very own community.

Why Wealthy Habits

Financially successful adults generally develop Wealthy Habits through behaviors and examples modeled by their parent(s), guardians and their teachers. Sadly, 60% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck with 20% of which earning over $100,000 annually. These are not ideal models for our children.

Meanwhile, today’s technology and society emphasize high-end fads and must-haves, leaving children susceptible to poor financial decision making. Constantly exposed to the ease and satisfaction of purchasing with the swipe of a plastic card, they do not develop a clear understanding of the consequences, because they never see that side of it.

Together, we can provide students with a better understanding of what financial success looks like and how to achieve it.

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How we can help your students

Class Speaker

Invite us to your school to speak to a group of your students.

  • During Instruction
  • PSAT Testing
  • Career Day
  • Advisory Time
  • Other

No Cost

within 20 miles of Dunwoody, GA

Full-Day Program

Full-Day Curriculum (9am-4pm)

A one-day Wealthy Habits program at your school with options for scheduling during:

  • Teacher Work Days
  • Holidays
  • Weekends

All you need to do is:

  • Provide a Classroom
  • Share the information and registration link with parents

$30 Tuition Fee

The cost for the program is $30 per student. Need-based scholarships are available by request. 

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