Most often, students learn to manage money by mirroring what they see around them. Unfortunately, some of them lack the most effective role models. Teaching financial literacy is up to us to ensure our students become successful in the future.

Teaching financial literacy can be challenging. The Wealthy Habits Curriculum makes it easy.

The Jonathan D. Rosen Family Foundation founded Wealthy Habits to develop programs that teach children fundamental money practices and enable them to learn and apply practical knowledge and financial skills to real-world challenges. The curriculum, whether used in part or in its entirety, has been structured to fit easily into your current curriculum. Download the sample to see for yourself.

The JDR Family Foundation, in partnership with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, is pleased to offer training workshops and materials designed from our middle school curriculum.

Our Educator Training program is designed to help educators understand the materials and provide direction for facilitating the program. Your experience as an educator makes it easy. Our program adds to your educational toolbox to aid you in teaching in the interactive manner that has proven to increase retention and interest. Educators are also provided with the Teacher Guide and the electronic files of all materials to use in their classroom. The content is aligned with the Georgia Performance Standards for middle school personal finance SS8E5.

Training Day Details

Wealthy Habits facilitates every educational session with a mix of fun and learning. Our training session for educators is no different. You will spend a full day with us learning and participating in the same games and activities you will be teaching. No one, including us adults, wants to sit all day listening to someone read from a powerpoint.

Our philosophy focuses on engagement and relatability. By teaching in a way that ensures student participation and interest, we are able to provide the best form of education– even if that student is you. There is plenty of time for students to learn the complicated “finance” material, but if we don’t get them interested first they will never want to learn it. Past educators have walked away with, not only the materials to teach their students, but also a clearer understanding of how they should move forward with their own financial future.

Additionally, we limit the number of attendees to a comfortable environment that allows for all attendees to engage and ask questions. With that in mind, our programs fill fast. Be sure to register as soon as possible.

Why Wealthy Habits

Financially successful adults generally develop Wealthy Habits through behaviors and examples modeled by their parent(s), guardians and their teachers. Sadly, 60% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck with 20% of which earning over $100,000 annually. These are not ideal models for our children.

Meanwhile, today’s technology and society emphasize high-end fads and must-haves, leaving children susceptible to poor financial decision making. Constantly exposed to the ease and satisfaction of purchasing with the swipe of a plastic card, they do not develop clear understanding of the consequences, because they never see that side of it.

Together, we can provide students with a better understanding of what financial success looks like and how to achieve it. Allow us to provide you with the tools to assist in teaching the value of wise money management. You can be the difference that ultimately opens an opportunity for a child’s financially secure future.

What’s Included:

Training Session

Printed Teacher Binder

Electronic files of all materials

CEU/CPDU Certificate


$75 (Includes training and all materials)

Download a Sample

Upcoming Schedule

There are no upcoming Teacher Training classes, but we would like to hear from you. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in attending a Teacher Training. This will allow us to better schedule a class that fits your need. Thank you in advance. 

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Addressed Economics...

I’m excited to use a lot of these lessons in my 6th grade class because it addresses economics.


nature definitely keeps students interested. Great Class! Great Instructors!

The Training Session was FUN!

It was wonderful – clear, engaging, relevant and fun! I am appreciative that I can implement immediately.

Meaningful and interactive...

The training was meaningful and interactive. The presenters were passionate and facilitated the activities. The materials are a fantastic support.

Great Materials...

The program seems easy to teach and understand. Great materials! I will match to my AKS and use most of these units.

User friendly...

The resources were user-friendly and helpful. The session was very informational with group interaction. It made me think about my own finances.
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