Self-Paced Courses FAQ

Registration Q&A


How do I register my kids? Can I register multiple kids?

You can certainly register multiple students at a single time. To register, you will need to add the number of spots (students) for each program. You also have an option to register yourself if you are interested in taking the course alongside your students. After checkout, you will be redirected to a “Thank you page” that has a link to your household “Group Page.” There you will add your students to the course.

Can I buy one course for both my kids to use?

To ensure the best learning experience, we only allow one purchase for one student. The student will have their own account to track their individual learning process and rewards.

What information do I need to register my kids? Is the information necessary?

During the registration, we will ask for kids’ name, date of birth, email address. All of the information is secured and solely for the. use of the course.

Is my child eligible to sugn up for the course?

Our courses are designed for age 11-18. Any kids who are within the age range are eligible to sign up for the courses. We do offer the exception if the kids are extremely interested in personal finance and are willing to participate the class. We have also added an option for parents to register along with their students if interested.

What is the closing date for registration?

This Self-Paced Learning program is an all-year program. You can register and get your kids started at any time. Our scheduled sessions close when they have either filled to capacity or the day prior to the start date.

What is your cancelation and refund policy?

We are happy to issue a full refund of your purchase within the following guidelines:

  • Self-Paced Course: If requested within 7 days after purchase and the course is less than 25% complete.
  • Live-Streamed Classes: Request to cancel must be made a minimum of 7 days prior to the start of the class

Do you offer scholarship for this program?

Yes. We offer scholarship programs for students based on both merit and need.

What are the fees for this program?

Please check the specific program information.

What do I need to prepare for my kids?

Parents please make sure the students have the right equipment and environment for E-learning. We strongly encourage the students to use a desktop or a laptop with audio and have a stable internet connection. We would also love to have students turn on their camera when they sign up for group activities. In addition, learning utensils such as notebook, pens are preferably. 

Self-Paced Course Q&A 


How can the kids get in to the course?

We have put the information on their dashboard so they can easily find the answers to their questions.

Do my kids need to attend the class at a specific time?

The self-paced learning program has no set schedule for attending the course. The students can flexibly decide when and where they want to join the course and finish the tasks. During the course, we will also have one live session activity for each course. The live session has a set schedule but students can choose the time works for them.

How can I keep track of my kids’ learning progress?

We have set up household “groups” so you have the ability to see reports on your child’s progress.

How can my kids collect their rewards?

Once they have enough points and have opened an investment account with their name on it, all they need to do is fill out the provided online form and we will send the funds directly to the brokerage firm.

What are the measures taken to keep students on track?

The course video has functions that students are not allowed to fast-forward or jump to a different point. During the learning, they also need to answer all the questions correctly to resume the video. At the end, they will be tested with quizzes and review games.

How is the self-paced learning program different from the instructor-led virtual program?

The self-paced learning program is an all-year program. Unlike the instructor-led virtual program, which is time specific; you can have your kids start learning personal finance whenever and wherever. This program consists of a pre-recorded course by Wealthy Habits instructors and plenty of engagements such as group activities, games, and so much more. The course content will be using the 10-hour money fundamentals curriculum.

How long is the course? What courses do you offer? 

Each courses has 6-8 lessons and 3-4 activities. In general, each course will consist of 2-3 hour learning.

We are planning to roll out 5 courses this year. They are Building Smart Financial Habits; the Economy & You; Credit & Debt; Intro to Investing; Adulting. To learn more about the course details, please visit our information page

Do my kids have to take the courses in order? 

The courses have different focuses. Your kids do not need to take the courses in order. However, for students who are new to personal finance, we strongly suggest the students take the course in order.

My kids have attended summer camp, how is this course different?  

The self-paced learning program used the same curriculum as the summer camp 10-hour fundamentals. Summer live program is more focusing on working together with other students and learning as a group. In this program, there are different activities for students to complete individually and every student will learn at their own pace. This is a great time to review what they have learned in the past and reinforce their knowledge on personal finance in a different learning environment. 

My kids have never been taught personal finance before, is this course friendly to new learner? 

Yes, our course is designed to trigger the learning interests on personal finance. For kids who has very little knowledge about personal finance, this will be a good fit. We include the basics of personal finance and then advance to deep concepts. We strongly suggest the new learners follow our course order to gain the best learning experience.

My kids have a decent knowledge about personal finance, is this course going to be too elementary for them

This course is designed for teens that are 11-18. Majority of the content are very related to student’s daily life. If the students already have the decent knowledge about personal finance, congrats! They can choose the topics that interested them most to learn more about specific aspects of personal finance.

My kids are only interested in certain topics; Can I just purchase certain courses?

Yes, you can choose to buy any courses individually.

How is the course engaging? 

We understand the concerns of self-paced learning. Our biggest goal is to make every program engaging and have the students get a lot out of it. In this program, the instruct videos are very teen-friendly and fun to watch; the students will answer lots of questions and do activities during the videos; we also have a point system “Moola” to keep kids engaged; In addition, we have the opportunity for kids to sign up our live group activities to meet and work with other kids.

Can I download and keep the course after my kids finish the course?

The courses are not downloadable.

Is there a time limit for my kids to finish the course?

Yes, in order to encourage our students to learn and practice, there is a 90-day time limit for each course. Students can adjust their own learning pace within the 90 days. After 90 days, the course will expire. You will need to repurchase the course.