What Do Students Learn?

Students answer three simple questions before and after a two-day Wealthy Habits financial literacy programs.



Wealthy Habits is a great way for your student to spend a few days this summer. Not only will your student have fun, but they will walk away with knowledge that will last a lifetime.

We frame financial futures by allowing students to come to their own (guided of course) conclusion about money. No one wants to be told what they can and can’t do with their own money. For that reason, our curriculum allows students to participate in real-world scenarios that teaches them the outcomes of the financial habits.

By the end, students develop an understanding of the rights and wrong of money management. Even more, by making the curriculum fun and competitive, our programs ensure students want to learn more. By recruiting knowledgable college interns, we are able to make the use their relatability, commitment and passion to make a difference in the financial future of all Wealthy Habits’ students.


While our workshops are hosted by Wealthy Habits, they are generally facilitated by experts in the field of the session’s topic. The goal of these financial literacy programs is for you to learn as much as we can fit into the 2-3 hours. These sessions are open to both students and parents.

While topics vary, we schedule programs that are ensure to broaden understanding of important topics. Some of the programs of the past include:

  • College & Career Planning
  • Investing Introduction
  • Managing Testing Stress
  • Entrepreneurship


We offer our Introduction to Wealthy Habits day programs throughout the year. These programs serve as an excellent introduction to money management and all things personal finance. As with all of the Wealthy Habits financial literacy programs, these day-long sessions are taught using fun activities and focus on making the lessons relevant to students.

Why is Financial Literacy Important?

There comes a time in everyone’s life, no matter your chosen career path, where we all must deal with our own personal finances. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t provided with a thorough education on building good money habits before we make mistakes. While Georgia is one of the few states that requires a Personal Finance module in public schools, our children still graduate with an incredible amount of confusion towards money management. Click to See High School GA Standards

Our Lessons

Wealthy Habits has been providing unbiased, fun and relevant financial literacy programs since 2012. These programs have touched more than 5000 students and have proven to be highly effective. Obviously, many students aren’t excited about “personal finance” when they arrive, but more than 90% of students leave glad they participated and excited to make better choices starting NOW (yes, even the middle schoolers). Our Wealthy Habits financial literacy programs cover GA Personal Finance Standards and more.

Financial Literacy for All

For all of our programs, we divide students by age, but that has nothing to do with knowledge level. We do not require our students to have any prior knowledge in personal finance. However, students should have basic math and reading skills appropriate for their age group.

In order to create a fun and effective learning environment, students are expected to be respectful, have a good attitude, and be willing to learn. We understand that not all students are thrilled with the idea of a personal finance class. With the help of of qualified and enthusiastic instructors, we work our magic to ensure all children have a great time.

Have Questions? We Have Answers.


Who can attend the Wealthy Habits programs?

Wealthy Habits financial literacy programs are open to all students between the ages 11-19. We teach in a way that almost any interested student will understand. 

Why is there a fee for attending the Wealthy Habits programs if you are a non-profit?

We charge for our programs to cover some of the costs of running the financial literacy programs and provide scholarships. Did you know that 100% of the workshop proceeds go toward funding need-based scholarships for students. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. All orders must be placed online.

Are scholarships available?

Yes, we have need-based scholarships available. If you feel you would qualify, please fill out our scholarship application.

Where are the Wealthy Habits summer camps offered?

The Wealthy Habits summer camps are offered at various locations in the metro-Atlanta area. Each year we try to offer additional locations for the convenience of parents. You can find the current locations on the camps details page, along with the schedule, in January.

Are meals provided?

No, we do not provide food or drinks for the student. Please make sure your student brings a packed lunch, snack, and drink.

What if my child is unable to attend the entire workshop?

We suggest you find a date that works with your student’s schedule. Late arrivals and early dismissals are disruptive to the rest of the group, and instructors are often unable to escort your child mid-class. If it is unavoidable, please notify us and be prepared to escort your student to and/or from the classroom. No refunds are given for students unable to attend the entire workshop.

Additionally, leaving the program early puts your child at a disadvantage. Not only will they miss valuable information, but they will lose out on time to earn Moola, the class point system that leads to the ultimate prize at the end. 

What is the cancellation policy?

Transfers – In order to transfer payment to another program date, we require a minimum of a 7-day notice. We will only transfer payment one time.
Refunds – Notification at least two weeks prior to program date will be eligible for a refund minus a $10 service fee. Late cancellations are not eligible for a refund.
No Shows – No prior notification will result in forfeit of payment and may not be transferred. No Exceptions.