Summer Intern Instructors


Lauretta Zhao

Georgia Institute of Technology
BSBA Business Administration (Aug 2017)
Continuing on to Law School in the Fall 2018

As a finance major looking to continue my education in business law, I value the importance of helping young people understand personal finance early on in their lives. I have always been heavily involved in volunteer work and am passionate about building and giving back to my community. Through this opportunity with Wealthy Habits, I hope to continue to make a difference in students’ lives and help them build a solid foundation for their own futures.

Jessica Flynn

University of Mississippi (Dec 2019)
BA in Economics and Spanish

I am beyond excited to teach for Wealthy Habits because it’s an opportunity to give people skills they will use for the rest of their lives. Young people are the future of America, and personal finance is one of the most valuable and important skills that someone can learn. A solid foundation of financial understanding is the key to success in the future. I hope to encourage students to learn about the importance of managing their money in a fun and engaging environment this summer.

Joe Miller

Mercer University (May 2020)
BS in Finance and Accounting

Teaching and exploring money and how it works is one of my greatest goals in life. I have learned through studying finance and accounting that the earlier you understand your finances, the more you prepare yourself for a successful future. As a Wealthy Habits instructor, it is my goal to instill the same passion and understanding in each student, so they may grow and obtain wealth of their own.

Ashley Miller

University of Louisiana at Lafayette
BS in Business Administration and Finance (Dec 2018)

As a finance major graduating in the fall, I have had the pleasure of being formally educated in all things finance, except personal finance. That is something that I’ve noticed across the board is rarely if ever taught. Upon graduation, I’d like to continue doing work very similar to Wealthy Habits and teach people of all ages how to properly manage their finances. Working with the organization is the perfect opportunity for me and I’m excited to make a big difference!

Ryan Murphy

University of Southern California
Bs in Business Administration (May 2021)

I am thrilled for this opportunity to teach students about the essential topic of personal finance.  It is my goal for every student to leave my class with a new appreciation and understanding of this invaluable subject that will greatly impact the rest of their lives.  I look forward to creating a positive classroom experience with interactive and exciting lessons, which will hopefully make my students see personal finance as not only something important to life but also a fun topic to learn about.

Zoey Donahue

Georgia College and State University (2022)
BA in Early Childhood Education

As someone who is passionate about helping children, I am thrilled to have this opportunity with Wealthy Habits.  Through attending several Wealthy Habits’ programs and volunteering as an assistant instructor, I have learned the importance of understanding money. I look forward to creating an awesome, fun-filled environment where the students can learn important financial skills for life!

Katerina Ganasoulis

Emory University
BBA in Finance and BA Economics (Dec 2020)

I am thrilled and ready to intern with Wealthy Habits this summer and increase financial literacy in the community. Understanding personal finance, especially from a young age, can help one make choices that have widespread benefits in establishing a strong future. Through my tutoring and volunteer work, I have learned how much passionate teaching can impact a student. As a Wealthy Habits instructor, I want to create a fun and enthusiastic environment to help my students thrive!

Matthew Bieber

University of Georgia
BBA in Internation Business and Finance (May 2020)

My passion for finance has always been a driving force in my life, and because of this, I’m very excited to be a part of the Wealthy Habits program. Being a member of my high school’s Finance Academy as well as the co-founder of our school’s Wall Street Club, finance has been a part of my education for years now and the opportunity to provide the fundamentals of this education to local youth is thrilling. As an instructor, I hope to help our students start their paths to financial success and perhaps inspire them to love finance just as I have!

Mackenzie York

University of Georgia
BBA in Finance (Dec 2020)

I am excited about the opportunities and experiences that will come interning with Wealthy Habits. I am passionate about investing in our youth and my goal is to teach students the importance of managing their finances while maintaining a fun and creative space!

How We Recruit and Train Our Financial Literacy Instructors

College Interns are recruited over a four-month period and only qualified and motivated candidates are selected for instructor training. We screen for motivated students that are excited to make a difference in the next generation’s personal finance outlook. College students majoring in a business-related field or a strong interest in personal finance apply for the summer internship beginning in January. Of the 300+ applicants, we select the top 10 based on their motivation, history of success, GPA, communication skills and knowledge of personal finance. This assures we have instructors that are great role-models and enthusiastic mentors.

Before instructors are put in front of a group of students, they undergo a background check and 35 hours of instructional training by the organization with the assistance of the previous year’s instructors. Still not ready to go solo, the instructors are observed as they co-facilitate their first program. After a debriefing session that involves a great deal of constructive criticism, instructors are ready to instruct without assistance.

The internship, while paid, isn’t a job. It is an opportunity for the college student to make a difference in the lives of their students as well as to grow and mature as an individual. Our financial literacy Instructors develop their skills in areas such as public speaking, conflict resolution, motivational skills and so much more. This is a great opportunity that is like no other.