Financial Literacy Education for Students


Did you know that 77% of college students have credit card debt? Register your student (ages 11-19) for a Wealthy Habits program and let us show him/her the importance of making smart money choices now to build better habits for a lifetime.

Changing Students' Lives

Three high school students share how the Wealthy Habits program changed their lives.

Wealthy Habits Programs


Are you looking for a program that is both fun and educational? Wealthy Habits focuses on teaching students to make smarter financial decisions now and in the future. Programs are facilitated in a fun hands-on approach that students love. 

A variety of programs are offered for students (ages 11 and up)


In partnership with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Wealthy Habits has developed a teacher’s guide based on its two-day program. Teacher training sessions are held to assist teachers in understanding the curriculum and how best to deliver the material in an effective manner.


Do you have a group of students that you feel would benefit from learning Wealthy Habits? We would love the opportunity to discuss the needs of your group and how we can make a difference in their financial future. 

My favorite part...

...about the program was learning about investing and how to manage my money in a fun way.

Zoey, Feb 2017 

Class was amazing!

I feel lucky that my daughter could participate!

Karen Dobkin

My children loved the class!

The instructor was very engaging. They are looking forward to the next class!

Joaqui, June 2015

Thanks for the knowledge!

I know that I will use this in the future.
I definitely looking forward to the next class and to learn more.

Alana, May 2015

My kids LOVED it…

My kids just LOVED this class and are asking
if they can come back for more.
My son spends time each day watching stock market reports.

Maudeline Linsey

Yes, would highly recommend!

It taught me many new things about finance and managing my money.

Mehan, April 2015

Smiling ear to ear…

My daughter and her friend really enjoyed the program!
Teens don’t get excited about much, but they were smiling
from ear to ear when I picked them up.
Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Sheila Cannon