Let’s face it. Times are changing. More and more people are opting to shop online rather than in-store these days. Whether it’s beauty products, clothing, shoes, or even groceries, there is a way to order whatever you are in the market for online. However, so many of us aren’t taking advantage of what could be a great situation.

Picture this: You’re shopping for a new pair of shoes. You go to your local shoe store and find a pair¬† that you really like for $80. The next shoe store is miles away, so what do you do? You buy them and you go home satisfied with your new pair of shoes that you paid $80 for.

But imagine if you shopped online instead?

  1. Coupons! When you are in-store, unless there is signage about a discount, the price is the price. When you’re online shopping, you have so many more options at your fingertips! It takes no time at all to check retailmenot.com or any other coupon website to see what you can apply to your order. Maybe there’s a half-off coupon out there. That $80 pair of shoes could’ve been $40 in the blink of an eye.
  2. Options! In the above scenario, you were totally satisfied with the shoes you found, but they were the ONLY shoes you liked. Shopping around is so much easier when you’re online shopping, plus, it’s pretty hard to waste time or gas that way. Check every website possible. Check Amazon and other online versions of different stores and see what else you find. In as little as fifteen minutes, you could find five different options that cater to all of your needs and more importantly, any of them will leave you satisfied. I don’t know about you, but if I find a pair of shoes that I like just as much as the more expensive pair, I’m choosing to save money.
  3. Waiting! The best part about shopping online is avoiding impulse buying. When you’re in-store, you’re holding that item you want. You can barely wait to get home and open it to claim it as your own. Those shoes? You’re walking around in them, imagining all the new outfits they’ll go with, loving the feel of a new pair shoes. You have to buy them! Why wait? Well… you probably only think you want it. Most often, we purchase things that we really don’t need because it is on sale “right now” or simply because we can. You take the item home and forget about it- if not, maybe you’ll use it once. Avoid wasting money by forcing yourself to wait on it. Add it to your online cart, then forget about it. Check back a week later and see if you still want it- you probably won’t.

In the end, the most important thing to take away from this is to take advantage of the system. This was all built FOR US. The benefit is there- you just have to make sure you seek it out.


Until next time, make good decisions.


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