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Financial Literacy Programs

Wealthy Habits has a long history of hearing kids say, “This is way more fun and educational than I thought it would be.”  As we go VIRTUAL, our goal is to ensure that the thing that makes us so great isn’t lost. Our students’ outcomes are our #1 priority. 


  1. Our programs WILL NOT be another, “watch this pre-recorded video and fill out the accompanying worksheet.”
  2. All programs are set on a schedule so that students and teachers meet just as if they were in a physical classroom together.
  3. Students will meet and collaborate with other kids from all over the country
  4. Class size is maxed out at 18 students with 2 instructors
  5. Students participate in fun activities similar to those they would do in person
  6. We will utilize technology to its fullest with student breakout session, live worksheets, etc
  7. Instructors encourage student engagement to assure the material is relevant and comprehendible


Virtual Program Options

Learning the Basics in 10 Hours

Our 10-hour LEARNING THE BASICS course covers all of the personal finance basics and still has room for fun and student collaboration. 

Three Scheduling Options:

  • One-Hour Long Daily Session for 10 Days (two weeks)
  • Two-Hour Long Daily Session for 5 Days (one week)
  • or Pack it into Two Days With 5-Hour Long Sessions (two days)

Cost Per Student:


Topics Covered

Introduction to Financial Literacy

Setting Goals

 Income – Taxes – Budgeting

Investing Part 1

Credit & Debt

What’s it like to be an Adult

Investing Part 2

Risk and Insurance

Net Worth

Week-Long Summer Camp

Our Virtual Summer Camp is modeled after our #1 financial literacy summer camp. Kids love our camps because they are fun and full of information they find relevant. Six hours each day (with adequate breaks, of course) full of activities and real conversation about spending habits and the power of starting early. Best of all, concepts are taught through games and competition using normal language and not finance language.


  • 5 Days of Live-Streamed Engaged Learning
  • Breakout session for peer collaboration
  • Physical Activities such as “working for a paycheck” and a “show what you learned” talent show

Cost Per Student:


Day 1

Economics * Earning Money * Taxes * Human Capital * Banking

Day 2

Budgeting * Goals * Interest * Spending & Saving * Rule of 72

Day 3

Assets & Liabilities * Credit Intro * Investing Intro * Money Personalities

Day 4

Credit Reports/Score * Identity Theft * Careers * Financial Choices

Day 5

Net Worth * Investing * Compound Interest * Risk & Reward


To encourage learning, competition is key. Throughout each class, the kids compete for MOOLA through engagement and games. On the final day of class, the winner is the student with the most moola. The prize is a $50 investment!!!

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My favorite part...

…about the program was learning about investing and how to manage my money in a fun way.

Zoey, Feb 2017 

Class was amazing!

I feel lucky that my daughter could participate!

Karen Dobkin

My children loved the class!

The instructor was very engaging. They are looking forward to the next class!

Joaqui, June 2015

Thanks for the knowledge!

I know that I will use this in the future.
I definitely looking forward to the next class and to learn more.

Alana, May 2015

My kids LOVED it…

My kids just LOVED this class and are asking
if they can come back for more.
My son spends time each day watching stock market reports.

Maudeline Linsey

Yes, would highly recommend!

It taught me many new things about finance and managing my money.

Mehan, April 2015

Smiling ear to ear…

My daughter and her friend really enjoyed the program!
Teens don’t get excited about much, but they were smiling
from ear to ear when I picked them up.
Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Sheila Cannon

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