We need you!

Volunteers are a great asset to any organization. Both professional and non-professional services are critical to our continued success. We rely heavily on in-kind donations of both products and services to make our programs a reality.

If you have a specialty or even strong connections in your community, school or youth groups, we would be grateful to have your help. Volunteers aren’t limited to the below options.

We look forward to working with you to make a difference in the next generation!



Join us in getting more of the community involved in financial literacy. So many don’t have access or even the awareness that a program like ours exists. Help us spread the word by becoming an advocate.


Are you a professional photographer/videographer? Good marketing relies heavily on photo assets. Your skills can increase our impact through a better message with ideal visuals.

Workshop Speaker

Are you a professional that would like to share your knowledge with students and their parents? Wealthy Habits provides weekend workshops on different topics to engage parents and students. 

Let’s make a difference together

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A BIG Thank you to our Volunteers!

We couldn’t do it without you! Both professional and non professional volunteers help to keep our focus on the impact we are making on students. JOIN US TODAY!
Jim Levis

Jim Levis


Jim Levis has been our pro bono accountant since the beginning. We are so grateful that he is on top of all of the IRS related requirements.

Ginger Gallagher

Ginger Gallagher

Marketing & Web

Ginger Gallagher and her marketing firm have been assisting the organization from the beginning. Always quick to help with any website change or new Google requirement, they have been a great source for the organization. We are grateful for their passion and commitment.