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Focusing on giving students not only the “how” but more importantly the “why” of financial literacy, these programs change the mind-set and ultimately the future choices of its students. Regular feedback from parents explains student’s new-found desire to open savings and investment accounts. Students are even questioning parents more about their family’s financial decisions after participation in a Wealthy Habits program.

Increasing Impact

A total of 1,277 students were taught in 2018, which is a 14% increase in comparison to the previous year. A total of 80 programs were conducted including 14 one-days, 42 five-days, and 24 others of various formats. Among the students that attended, 45% were of ages 11-14 and learned about the basics of finance, while the other 55% were of ages 14 and up, and they were able to learn more complicated concepts of personal finance. Both groups, however, left with the skills and knowledge required to change the course of their financial futures.

2016 Annual Report

1165 Students Taught 

2017 Annual Report

1087 Students Taught


2018 Annual Report

1277 Students Taught

# of Students Taught Since 2012

# of Programs Facilitated

Given for Student Investment Accounts

# of Cities Reached Across the US

Impacting College Interns

The organization provides life changing experiences to not only the students who go through our programs, but also to those who teach them. The intern instructor experience provides these undergraduates with an opportunity like no other that provides them a lifetime of practical knowledge about finance and the world around them. To date, the organization has afforded the intern opportunity to 27 individuals.

While training for summer 2018 proved to be a little more complicated than before due to the four different areas of focus, the summer exceeded our expectations. The instructors were able to focus on their strengths and teach the subject they were most passionate about. A full week of instruction allowed the nine interns to get to know each other and practice presenting. While they we able to impact the lives of the students that attended summer programs, the experience changed their lives as well. See page 5 for Ashley Miller’s Story.

Our Blog

Our blogs are focused on providing unbiased information to everyone. Learning the pros and cons of numerous personal finance topics teaches you to make the choice that best suits your personal situation.
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