Self-Paced Courses

 Ages 11-18

Freedom to learn at the perfect pace.

Self-paced courses allow students to learn on their own schedule. However, students that need a little bit of structure and some extra attention can sign up for scheduled group learning.


Financial LIteracy Done right

The Wealthy Habits crew has created yet another AMAZING LEARNING EXPERIENCE for students. Too often traditional schooling takes the fun out of learning and digital offerings rarely give students the “aha” moment that can change students’ lives for the long-term. Our programs encourage curiosity and a common sense understanding of all things personal finance.

With our SELF-PACED COURSES, students progress through lessons at their own pace and on their own time, learning and earning points and badges along the way. 

They can work quickly through topics or spend more time on difficult concepts. There’s no pressure to “keep up” with other students or with the instructor. This is a great addition to year-round learning. Each course takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete.

Does your child need more structure to complete a self-paced course?

Optional Group Learning is Included

Too often, with online learning, if it isn’t mandatory, it falls by the wayside. Sometimes the complication of the technology is also a factor keeping students from being able to enjoy what the course has to offer. For this reason we have added an Optional Group Learning as a free add-on to any of the courses.

How does this work… 

      1. Students join the Instructor-led ZOOM meeting at the designated time. At this time, the instructor will make sure all students have access and understand how to make their way through the course. The instructor will let students know at what time to check back in. 
      2. Students are then given then next approximate two hours to complete the course on their own. During this self-paced learning time, students still have access to the instructor via ZOOM if they have any questions. 
      3. At the final check in time, students as a group will discuss the topics they learned, ask questions, share their project, and finally do a review before signing off to take the quiz.

This class was very valuable to me.

I know I didn’t talk much, but I learned a lot from this class. When my dad signed me up, I thought it was gonna be super boring, but it turned out to be pretty cool. Thanks for everything.

Student, July 2020 

I'm Grateful!

I’m ecstatic for the future. The seeds that were planted this week are beyond me. Thank you Wealthy Habits; you have changed the trajectory of my 14 year old daughter’s life.

Parent – May, 2020

Very Informative.

I thought it was a very informative and interesting class because it focuses on very practical life skills and I think that they did a great job of teaching it.

Student, June 2020

What a great and important service for our kids.

Emily wasn’t so sure at first but she seemed to be engaged and definitely got something out of the program. Thank you for offering this.

Parent, July 2020

You guys were awesome...

…Informative, charismatic, nice and kept me interested. I learned a lot here, thanks sooo much! You guys are so cool and smart!!! I had a lot of fun.

Student, July 2020

Very informative.

The class was very informative and helpful to my child. Russell did not know much about managing money. He really liked both of his instructors and he learned a lot from both of them. The whole topic of finance really helped my child to understand the importance of understanding math. I will definitely register my child again for the class. Thank you for making the class fun.

Parent, June 2020

Absolutely thrilled.

All I can say is my son was absolutely thrilled and said repeatedly the camp was fun, engaging and very informational. We’re grateful for the staff and the planners of the curriculum who put so much work and effort into it- to really influence our kids’ knowledge in this areal. Thank you so much!

Parent, July 2020