Meet the Team

Passion and Talent

We are extremely lucky to have such a wonderful team. The Wealthy Habits staff is small in number but enormous in passion and talent. Each summer, a new group of interns join us and have always been the highlight of the organization. These amazing students have been great mentors to hundreds of students. Most importantly, our Board of Trustees help make it all possible. They selflessly donate their time and service to the organization and have been a key driver to the success of the organization. 

Our Staff

Tracy Tanner

Executive Director

I have always had the entrepreneurial mindset, building home-based businesses over the years that allowed me to be there for my children when they were younger. Coming aboard in 2011 allowed me to use my skills as an entrepreneur and my experience as a mom to build a great organization allowing me to educate and lead students as well as make an impact on the instructors and staff.

Building the organization from the ground up wasn’t easy by any means, but the lessons I have learned along the way have made both the organization and myself better. I have learned to look at the why and not just see things for what they are. I look forward to growing the organization and learning ways to improve myself along the way.

Yini Luo

Behavioral Specialist & Curriculum Writer

I have joined in the organization with an ambition of making changes on people’s well-beings. Graduated from Emory in 2018 with a degree of MPH specializing in health policy and management, I have developed strong interests in how education can impact on population health. Working as a Behavioral Specialist in Wealthy Habits allows me to observe and analyze teenager’s behavioral health and mental health throughout the program. By initiating intervention policies on teenagers’ behavioral health, we would love to see teenagers walk out of program with a changing mindset and positive behaviors.

Wealthy habit’s mission that empower the next generation has greatly resonated with my goal as a public health person.  I feel honored to work with these wonderful skilled professionals to push our organization further. I can’t wait to see how much positive influence we can bring in to every teen we’ve taught.

Kyna Fitero

Layout and Graphic Design

With a passion for design and a hope to become an instrument for the youth to excel, joining Wealthy Habits in 2016 was one of my best decisions. I graduated with a degree in Media Arts and have been able to use the skills I gained on a number of major Wealthy Habits projects. Additionally, my experience in teaching kids and teenagers has contributed significantly in developing new visuals and concepts for Wealthy Habits.

It gives me immense pleasure to see how the organization has grown over the past few years. I look forward to the continued growth of the organization, with many more children discovering their financial potential, as well as to the further enhancement of my skills, together with the team members

Our Instructors

Each summer we hire a group of motivated and smart college interns to facilitate our curriculum. These interns make it possible for the organization to have a powerful impact on so many more students. We are always looking for continuing opportunities for our interns. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have internships or entry level jobs in Finance/Accounting/Business.

Board of Trustees

for the Jonathan D. Rosen Family Foundation

Jonathan D. Rosen

Founder and Managing Trustee
Divisional CEO, Specialty Finance Synovus

Mr. Rosen is the founder and initial financial contributor of the organization that funds the Wealthy Habits programs. As a Trustee, he provides guidance and assistance to the staff to improve and grow the organization and its programs.


Michelle Spiro

Co-Founder and President Furi Sports

Entrepreneur, investor, Board member, and former senior fashion executive, Michelle is channeling 25 years of corporate experience, leadership, and industry acumen to champion new businesses and capitalize on innovative concepts.

Andy Trotti

Professor and Director of Clinical Trials in Radiation Oncology

Dr. Trotti is recognized for his expertise in Head and Neck (H&N) cancer. His research includes improving radiotherapy in H&N cancer using targeted agents and advanced radiation technologies.. He currently serves as the Co-Chair of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) H&N Steering Committee responsible for development of NCI Phase II and III trials.

James Miller

Executive VP at F3 Platform Biologics

Mr. Miller has over 25 years of experience in various corporate and entrepreneurial positions in the areas of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical & pediatric nutritionals. Mr. Miller has held several senior leadership roles with large and small Bio/Pharma companies such as Grifols, Astra Zeneca, and Abbott Laboratories where he held the positions of VP Marketing, International, VP Western Europe and many other senior positions.


Ginger Gallagher

President of Vela Strategic Marketing and Public Relations

Ms. Gallagher has been a volunteer and sponsor for the JDR Family Foundation since 2011 and has donated services that have given the organization a solid base in which to grow. Her belief in the organization’s mission has prompted the invitation to join the Board of Trustees.


Laura Courchesne

PhD Student at Oxford University | Rhodes Scholar

Ms. Courchesne has been working with the Rosen Family Foundation as the primary research and co-author on a series of articles examining the interplay between social policies and behavior. She is working closely with Mr. Rosen to create a research methodology to help track the long-term information retention of students in order to gauge the effectiveness of the program.


Mike Davis

Chief of Staff DeKalb County Government

As a Trustee, he brings the experience and connections that will create growth and brand awareness in our community. His passion to educate the next generation on the importance of making smart financial decision has stemmed from his own entrepreneurial and investing experiences.


Colin O’Leary

Senior Auditor, Cherry Berkaert LLP

Colin O’Leary first joined the Wealthy Habits team as an intern the summer of 2016 and continued teaching classes through the summer of 2017. During that time, he was beneficial in assisting with curriculum development as well as being a primary instructor. Shortly after, he graduated from the University of Georgia with a BBA in Accounting and a Masters of Accountancy focused on Audit and Data Analytics.