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Every dollar counts. 100% of your tax-deductible donation will be used according to your designation.


  • Individual Program Scholarships – These are students that apply for scholarships. Qualifications are based on household income and student’s GPA.
  • Group Program Sponsorships – These are non-profit organizations that serve youth (foster care organizations, homeless teens organizations, etc).
  • General Use – These funds will be used as general funds to facilitate and develop all programs.
Current individual program scholarships fund available

Current Group Program Sponsorship Funds Available

Total Donations Provided to students and organizations this year

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Jonathan D. Rosen Family Foundation

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Cash isn’t the only way to donate to Wealthy Habits. Transferring stock from your investment account is an easy option. Please contact the Executive Director if you are interested in making a stock donation.

Tracy Tanner


Our 2020 Donors

Donations of $100 or more

Andy Trotti
Fabio Cappon
Jim Miller (Annual donation to educate 150 students)
Tyler McCain

Our 2020 Donors

Donations of $100 or more

Bill Muirhead
Cornerstone Bank
Donna Harris
Dr. David Rosenthal, MD
Frank and Sherrie Rybarcyk
Gary Roth
Ginger Gallagher
James Miller (Annual donation to educate 150 students)
Jill Hurley
Jonathan Rosen
Ken and Debbie Merten
Prof. Roald Hoffmann
Wesley Knapp (Keller Knapp Realty)

Many Thanks to Our Ongoing Business Supporters.

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